What's your CBD Story?

If you have ever experienced an injury to your rotator cuff and consequently suffered from "frozen shoulder", you know the slow recovery and chronic pain can affect more than just your body.  It can affect your mood, your outlook on life and your general happiness.

Shoulder injuries took up two years of my life. 

I tore my left supraspinatus tendon during a barre class using 3lb weights.  An MRI confirmed the tear and I spent the next three weeks with my arm in a sling, dulling the knife-like pain with OTC pain relievers and ice packs.  Despite my dedicated self-care plan, I didn't get better.  In fact, my shoulder became "frozen".  I lost mobility and was unable to raise my hand above my head.  I had difficultly getting into my clothes. If I rolled onto my shoulder during the night, I awoke from the pain.  My mood dipped and I felt on the edge of tears throughout the day.  After about three months, I was admittedly depressed.

A friend recommended cannabis.

That was the beginning of my journey with CBD.  I began taking CBD tincture in the evening before bed.  After three days, I was sleeping better and my mood was up.  Slowly, I regained mobility in my shoulder and resumed my active life.

When I tore my other rotator cuff the following year while lifting heavy pots in our backyard garden, I felt completely devastated.  But, I knew what to do.  By adding CBD to my routine right away, I maintained my optimism during recovery and suffered less while healing. 

Adding CBD to my night-time self care rituals has gently and effectively changed my life for the better.

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