Damiana Leaf

We source our damiana from a family farm in Baja California.  The farm grows organically in native soil and steam distills the plant biomass on site for an optimal quality extract.

Damiana, or Turnera diffusa aphrodisiaca, is a small woody shrub that is native to Texas, Mexico, Central and South America.  It thrives in hot, humid climates and is both wildcrafted and cultivated. Damiana is used as an herbal smoke, tea, tincture and liqueur. Damiana is considered an adaptogenic herb because it exerts a normalizing effect upon body functions and helps the body adapt to stress.

Legend has it...

The use of damiana leaf as a medicinal herb dates back to the ancient Maya, Aztecs and Guaycura who lived in modern-day Mexico. Its primary traditional use has been as an aphrodisiac, but it has also been valued as a relaxant and dream enhancer. 


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